About Me

Dazzling Jewels
My name is Christy and I am what you would call a serial entrepreneur.  At least that is what my friends and family call me.  I have tried many opportunities and while I was successful at them, that just never matched my passion.  I have always felt that you are suppose to love what you do, and for a long time I had not found that one thing that loved to do. That one opportunity that I went to sleep and woke up thinking about. That made me want to get up in the morning and find a new person to inspire.
Well I was on a Facebook live of my now sponsor Emily Brinson and I would buy jewelry from her, and if anyone knows me, knows that I love jewelry. I mean I will not go outside without at least earrings on and I feel absolute discontent if I don't have on a necklace.  So one night while I was filling up my cart with Emily she was offering the business to those that was interested and this time everything lined up in my mind and I said to myself "why not, you like jewelry" let's give it a shot.
Well is it not hard to imagine at this point that I signed up as a consultant for Paparazzi that night. And the rest is history. I received my first box and loved everything that was sent and now it is not a day that goes by that I am not making a sale.  I LOVE PAPARAZZI! You just really cannot beat $5. You get great quality for a fraction of the cost of what you would normal pay at the big retailers.  Paparazzi releases new pieces everyday, so you have a wide variety that will fit anyone's style.
But most important I love making my fellow women feel beautiful with new accessories.  This is my new passion, inspiring women and making them feel their best as we women know that only a nice accessory will!!
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